do you spend as much time on the internet as me?

(are you there, internet? its me, kathryn)

((judy bloom reference for the kids in the back row))

i spend way too much time fiddling around with snapchat, reading the same advice over and over from the same ‘health and wellness’ handles on twitter.  i read a LOT of quora.


i read some advice this past week that i had not heard before.


whenever you are thinking to yourself how you should be DOING more, DOING better, WORKING, GOING, CRANKING, SLAYING and you think that you can’t possibly do more but you SHOULD DO  MORE AND YOU WILL DO MORE YES I WILL DO MORE


just stop, breathe, and think:



(is that image too scroll-y?)

whatever you are doing, wherever your are– there you are.

stuck in traffic? | here i am

cooking spaghetti? | here i am

taking a shower? | here i am

binging game of thrones reruns with your cat by your side because you’ve never understood the hangup on that show is it the dragons or whatever and honestly who names their kid khaleesi those poor kids they are born into being a joke | here i am


for those of us (me) who have a hard time focusing on one thing because we want to do everything

who can’t do everything and feel frustrated by that

who thrive on accomplishment and victory and take it all too personally

and for the rest of you


try it and let me know– does it do anything for you?


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